“I’ve got some green, I’ve got some blue.
Some have asked, “So what are you?”
Not quite blue, not fully green.
I’m something new. I’m in-between.”
Have you ever felt in between? Join us on Saturday, September 30 at 10 AM for a joyful and introspective picture book reading and draw-along with “Mostly Me” author Collin Hall and illustrator Crystal Dawn Chaffee! This event is free with admission.
This September independent children’s publisher, Gloo Books, will publish, “Mostly Me”, a children’s picture book that navigates biracial identity and follows a blue-green narrator on a journey of self-discovery. Written in playful rhyme, Mostly Me is an ode to readers of all ages who have felt out of place, questioning who they are. Navigating oft-asked questions like “Who am I? Do I belong?”, readers discover the most empowering answer of all: “I’m mostly me.” Written and illustrated by two biracial storytellers, author Collin Hall and artist Crystal Dawn Chaffee, this book creates a vibrant and uplifting message for anyone who feels like they’re in between.
See you there!
Mostly Me is available directly from www.gloobooks.com