We’re excited to introduce you to our new Executive Director, Renee Garcia! Renee is the first-ever Executive Director of Southern California Children’s Museum! She brings a seasoned perspective and a goal of increasing impact by expanding programming and exhibits rooted in cultural awareness, equity, creative learning, and social-emotional wellness. Renee is a mother of two and was previously the Director of Communications and Development for Immigrant Defenders Law Center. She has worked for other Southern California nonprofits such as Latino Health Access and Heart of Los Angeles and spent time in the fashion industry. She is on the board of Loud Community, a women’s network committed to self-discovery, nurturing social connections, and being of service to others to positively shift the world.

As we approach our tenth year, we are excited to collaborate with Renee to expand the museum’s reach, capacity, and programming for Southern California families, caretakers, and children aged 8 years old and under. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Renee leading us into this next chapter for the Museum. Her unique experience will help us further our mission and vision of serving the children and families in our local community,” said Catherine Welch, board president and co-founder of Southern California Children’s Museum.

“I’m elated to join the team at SCCM and grateful to continue building upon the strong foundation laid before me thanks to the museum Board and staff. As a mother, I made many happy memories through creative play and programming at the museum and I look forward to continuing that tradition for others. I believe deeply in the potential of the Museum as a place that celebrates our many identities and offers a safe space for young children to explore, play, and learn. I look forward to securing it as a must-visit location for Southern California caretakers,” said Renee Garcia, executive director, of Southern California Children’s Museum.