MaiStoryBook x SCCM: Celebrating Diversity in Children’s Lit

We’ve partnered with Maya Le Espiritu, a teacher, artist and children’s book reviewer, to bring you a four-part video miniseries highlighting children’s books featuring Asian characters, authors and illustrators! Learning about different cultures helps drive acceptance and respect, and picture books are a wonderful way to introduce kids to diversity!

Check out @MaiStoryBookLibrary for book reviews and learning resources OR head to MaiStoryBook on YouTube for a collection of interactive read-alouds! In light of the rise in violent and racist attacks against the AAPI community this past year, Maya also created an initiative to upload and share a new Interactive Read Aloud video featuring an Asian children’s book every weekday in May to her YouTube channel. The goal is to highlight Asian and Pacific Islander communities and voices and to help start conversations with little learners about current events.

Drawn Together
Eyes that Kiss in the Corners

Mela and the Elephant
Laxmi’s Mooch