Let’s Talk About: The Government

It’s not too early to talk to children about civic engagement! Join us as we explore four important topics: voting, the president, Congress and the Supreme Court.

Let’s Talk About: Voting! We make decisions all the time about things that are big and small. One of the ways we can express our opinion is through a vote. Learn more about the ways we can use our voice for the things that are important to us! Take it a step further and think about something important to you and ask the important people in your life to vote! Which is better: pumpkin pie or apple? What should you dress up as for Halloween: a doctor or a firefighter? What should be for dinner: pozole or mac and cheese? Voting is a fun, fair way to make decisions!

Let’s Talk About: The President! Learn about the powers and responsibilities of the president! Is there anyone in your life that you think would make a good president? What makes them such a good leader? Who knows? Maybe we’ll see them on the ballot in 4 years! ⁣ ⁣ ⁣

Let’s Talk About: Congress! Can you get 535 people to agree on what to have for dinner? What about 5? Today we talk about Congress and learn that we’re ALL in Congress… kind of. We learn that Congress requires a lot of compromise to make a decision about what’s best for everybody. Do you ever have to compromise?

Let’s Talk About: The Supreme Court! Sometimes, we’re just not going to agree. When that happens you can say, “I dissent!” Today we talk about the Supreme Court and why it’s important to hear sides of an argument you might not agree with. Sometimes it can be scary to speak up when you don’t agree but we look to Ruth Bader Ginsberg as an example of why it’s important to use your voice and say when you don’t agree. ⁣

Video music by Bensound.